Series Spotlight: Graded Gillock

The Graded Gillock piano books are a series of graded collections by William Gillock, carefully curated by Andrew Eales. The series is designed to provide piano students with a structured and progressive approach to learning and developing their skills, starting from the beginner level and progressing through to the more advanced levels. Each book contains a variety of pieces that are carefully graded in terms of difficulty, and they cover a range of styles and genres, from classical to folk to jazz. The pieces are characterised by their beautiful melodies, creative harmonies and expressive phrasing.

William Gillock (1917-1993) was an American composer, pianist, and educator known for his contributions to piano pedagogy. He composed over 300 works, mostly for the piano, and his compositions have been popular with piano students and teachers all over the world.

Gillock’s music is characterized by its lyrical melodies, expressive harmonies, and jazzy rhythms. He was also known for his innovative teaching methods, which emphasized creativity and improvisation, and his influential piano method books, which have been widely used in music education.

Andre Eales has chosen his favourite works by Gillock, and arranged them into approximate progressive order of difficulty. At the back of each book are Eales’ editorial notes and musings – providing useful tips to polish and perfect the performance of each piece.

Eales credits Gillock as one of the most significant education piano composers of the twentieth century. It is such a joy to play through these pieces are the weave in and out of various genres and styles. Providing variety and intrigue. The music is accessible, filled with character and an absolute joy to teach.

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