Australasian Piano Pedagogy Conference

Just a small Sneak Peek of presenters!


Hal Leonard Australia are proud to be on-board again this year to deliver the Hal Leonard Solutions Stream as part of APPC 2017!
This stream will provide: Business solutions, method solutions, technique solutions and repertoire solutions designed to help you run a successful piano teaching business. Ideas will be presented about how to maximize your income and minimize your business headaches and teaching woes!


  • Breaking down pop music for your students

The vast majority of pop recordings are made without the aid of musical notation. In fact many pop musicians (most famously the Beatles) do not read music at all. Eric will break down the approach and demonstrate the techniques that have allowed players to achieve great variety and musicality even with the most basic of harmonic progressions.

  • Repertoire Solutions

Finding the balance – finding pop/jazz repertoire books that are pedagogically designed for the developing piano student, complete with extensive use of dynamics, articulation, fingering, etc. Eric will also demonstrate the material with the optional audio accompaniments (all orchestrated by himself) and show the many musical benefits that come with such use.

  • Intro to Improvisation

Much as you had described it. Demystifying improvisation by deconstructing and demonstrating the basic rhythmic, melodic and harmonic components common to all Western contemporary styles.

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  • Composing at the keyboard – from a composer’s perspective

Keyboard composition is the obvious outgrowth of improvisation!  Many composers prefer this method of working directly through their fingers, and later translating the work to manuscript paper or to computer score.  Let Christopher Norton ‘Show and Tell’ you why he prefers this method of bringing his ideas to life!.

  • The Hard Stuff

Tackling  Christopher Norton’s Eastern and Pacific Preludes and Piano Sonata – Christopher Norton has long been noted for the excellence of his educational publications (Microjazz, Connections, APP..), but he is also noted for composing exciting works for concert level performers.  These pieces range from brilliant arrangements of folk music from the Eastern and Pacific regions, to challenging 4 hand/2 piano works and the Jazz Piano Sonata.  Learn the techniques that allow you to put these pieces in your repertoire!.

  • Really? A new jazz syllabus? How will it work?

The new Christopher Norton Jazz syllabus, written for ANZCA, will be used in the 2018 examination sessions. It is a new approach to teaching contemporary jazz styles, without too much jazz jargon, but with really friendly tracks to work with and easy-to-follow improv notes.

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  • Teaching Adults- With Enthusiasm and Realistic Expectations

The challenges and rewards of teaching adult students in your studio with some great repertoire and motivational strategies.

  • Cool Stuff for Young Students

Feeling a bit stuck for new ideas to make piano lessons fun whilst still covering all the fundamentals? We have creative activities for teaching young students in your studio.

  • Business Solutions: Managing Your Studio and Making a Living as a Piano Teacher

Let’s discuss the awkward topics we normally don’t bring up.

  • The 3P’s: Policy, Procedure and Planning
How are you travelling with your business planning? Quick and easy solutions for you to implement in your studio to streamline the administrative processes.
  • Musical History Madness

Do you struggle to find inventive ways to make information about composers and eras relevant to your young students?

  • Practical Growth Mindset Ideas for your Studio!

Come and explore ways to integrate practical solutions to help build resilient, hardworking and successful students in your studio.

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  • Communicating technique

How do you develop an understanding of an appropriate hand position? How does one convey the concept of relaxation? A brief exploration of sources and discussions with piano teachers will reveal a multitude of possibilities in conveying these core technical concepts. Whether addressed via physical means, verbal description, visual and/or aural demonstration, using colourful metaphor, props, or a combination of these and other methods, there is rarely one ‘standard’ approach that works equally well for each individual. Indeed, it is often helpful to have numerous means to achieve and reinforce an understanding.

  • Repertoire Discoveries

Angela has evaluated tens of thousands of early-intermediate level pieces over the last three years. In this session, she will share some of her favorite discoveries.

  • Reaching beyond studio walls via online lessons – Angela Turner

The past decade has seen the rapid growth of online education offerings, including the domain of the one-on-one studio piano lesson.  From reaching students in distant places, recording lessons for review and reflection, to reducing cancellations when bad weather days, transport woes and infectious diseases strike; live online lessons can facilitate learning beyond studio walls. This presentation will discuss some of the possibilities and pedagogical considerations when teaching via Skype (and other online tools), as well as practical suggestions regarding technical requirements and setup.


  • Sonny Chua 101

Your opportunity to hear and play some of Sonny’s music.

  • Encouraging musical antics and dastardly deeds – Connecting with young beginner  

This session will explore how the use of a ‘sound language’ allows the teacher bridge respective musical worlds and motivate the student to be curious for more  daring musical experiences.

  • Embedding creativity in piano lessons – how to get kids composing from their first lesson

This session will discuss how unrevealing the language of music will enable and empower the student to seek their own musical voice. It will consider how musical expression can be at the forefront of every activity in the weekly lessons and practice.

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