Spooky Tunes for Piano

As we start preparing our best costumes and deciding what snacks to eat for our 126th viewing of Hocus Pocus (with a bonus viewing of the sequel!), why not play around with some spooky tunes in your next piano lesson? Here are some of our favourites:

Strange Sounds
10 Bewitching Piano Solos for Recitals

A collection of 10 pieces that are presented in different modes and minor keys. A great way to help students jump that hurdle of ‘scary’ accidentals or dissonant sounds because every one of these pieces just sound so awesome to play for friends and family. Small hands will like playing “Spooky Night”. The styles explored in this collection will suit the preteen crowd too, with pieces sounding like straight out of a favourite book. Students also get a turn at creating their own little strange sounds and writing it down at the end of the book, on a page of printed staff, which is a nice feature to help budding composers along. A personal note from each of the composers in the “Performance Notes” is a nice little touch to add to the stories behind the strange sounds. – Sharon Hatton

Strange Sounds
10 Bewitching Piano Solos for Recitals

These super simple arrangements are the perfect way to introduce some seasonal fun into beginner piano lessons. Nice and progressive, the pieces begin with only crotchets and minims, in seperate hands, and gradually works its way to a nice Grade One level. These are excellent for sight reading practise and the very cute little images of ghosts and ghouls always get giggles out of my youngest students. – Andrew Hudson-Smith

The Nightmare Before Christmas PVG

Is it a Halloween movie? Is it a Christmas movie? Who cares! This score is amazing. Featuring some of Danny Elfman’s best work, The Nightmare Before Christmas is one of my favourite books to pull out and play. If you have any students who are working on agility, this will work a treat. There are loads of fast paced-pieces in here – requiring very light touch and a lot of chromatic confidence! For most part, these are high level pieces and perfect for anyone who wants a challenge. Also, it’s a great excuse to pull out the movie again! – Stacey Camilleri

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