Review: Game of Thrones for Easy Piano


Game of Thrones for Easy Piano

This book will be a great addition to your studio, in particular to the ‘teen’ repertoire. Even if students haven’t seen the TV show, they will no doubt recognize some of the music, which includes the beginning and end credits from the show, along with a couple of songs drawn from the show’s soundtrack. Highlights are The Bear and the Maiden Fair, and The Rains of Castamere, which both include lyrics. The layout is clear and easy to read, and the pieces are all in fairly simple keys (up to 2 flats or 2 sharps), with simple one and two-note accompaniments. Ideal for beginner or elementary-level teenage and adult students wanting to play something contemporary and recognizable!


The Bear and the Maiden Fair • The Children • Finale • Game of Thrones • Goodbye Brother • A Lannister Always Pays His Debts • Light of the Seven • Mhysa • The Rains of Castamere • Throne for the Game • The Winds of Winter.

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