Technology and your Studio

Below are five reviews of popular Apps that piano teachers are currently using in their studios. You probably know them and are already using them but hopefully one here might be new to you! As recitals, concerts and exams start winding up for the year it can be a great time to introduce a different element to lessons with an app that reinforces note reading skills, musicianship or creativity. If you are using another App that you love and would like to review for us at The Piano Teacher, shoot us an email at

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1. Note Rush

Cost: $5.99

This Australian made app is a music note reading games that listens to you play. You can limit or expand the note selection as appropriate for the student playing. It is like a deck of flashcards that gives feedback to the student if they play the note correctly on their instrument. A great one for students to be able to play at home too.

For iOS devices:
For Android devices:

Download for iPhone and iPad from the App Store   Get Note Rush for Android from Google Play

Visit their website directly

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2. Piano Adventures Player

Cost Free (in App purchases available)

Digital sheet music with play-along tracks for 63 Popular songs at all levels of Piano Adventure books. You can buy the level packs too so you have the backing tracks for the pieces and the notation in case a student forgets their books! More Information

Piano Adventures App
Piano Adventures App

[item title=”More information”]Interactive Features

  • Control tempo, parts, volume and balance
  • Set loops to rehearse difficult sections
  • Keyboard view with with light-up keys reinforces the student part
  • Score view with liquid layout reflows the notation as you zoom or change orientation
  • High-quality instrument samples provide premium sound
  • Built-in metronome keeps the beat
  • Optional MIDI connection for enhanced play-along and recording features


  • Engage imagination with fun and creative arrangements
  • Reinforce model performances
  • Make at-home practice more productive
  • Easily explore a wide variety of musical styles, sounds and ensembles
  • Build ensemble playing skills
  • No files to juggle or library management required
  • Designed for both iPad and iPhone


  • Available as a free download
  • Nine levels currently available (Primer, 1, 2A, 2B, 3A, Accelerated 1 and 2, Adult 1 and 2)
  • 850 songs from the Piano Adventures Lesson, Technique & Artistry, and Performance books
  • Includes three free songs per level
  • Full song libraries may be purchased for $4.99 per level
  • Digital sheet music with play-along tracks for 63 Popular songs at all levels, including: Star Wars, Thinking Out Loud, Hedwig’s Theme, 100 Years, Pirates of the Caribbean, the Beatles, and more!
  • Easy access to video support for Adult Book 1 and 2
  • International editions and multilingual support (Spanish, Chinese, German and Dutch)


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3. Class Dojo

Cost: Free

Class Dojo is a communication app for teachers, parents, and students. Think of it as an online weekly diary for teachers to record homework tasks, add videos, give encouragement and keep in touch with parents.

More Information



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4. MyTempo from AMEB

Cost: $4.49

Availability: Android and Apple stores
MyTempo was developed by the AMEB and it allows students to speed up, slow down and loop any recording through their smartphone or tablet. Changing the speed doesn’t warp the sound and students can listen to their pieces at a slower tempo as they are learning! Developed in conjunction with the AMEB recordings (which can also be purchased) you can use the app with any music on your device.


Download now:

apple mytempo

Android app on Google Play

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5. Amphio Ltd. Beethoven’s 9th

One of the BEST finds we have are the apps from Amphio Ltd. These apps were developed for iPad and are said to be ‘culture for the app generation.’
On the pricier end of the scale, our picks are Beethoven’s 9th and Liszt Sonata in B minor with Stephen Hough. Each app is an in-depth study in the work. For Beethoven’s 9th Symphony four recordings of the works are presented with video, score and analysis. Other features include orchestration and interviews. It is an immersive experience and very deserving of the awards it has won.




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