Series Spotlight: The Classical Piano Sheet Music Series

Spacious layouts, high-quality spiral binding that lays flat on your stand, a plethora of your favourite pieces – what’s not to love?

For those who prefer the simple, straight to the point, easy to read anthologies, the books in this series are what you’re looking for. The Classical Piano Sheet Music Series currently comprises of six volumes for intermediate piano:

  • Baroque Era Favorites
  • Classical Era Favorites
  • Romantic Era Favorites
  • French Favourites
  • Beethoven Favorites
  • JS Bach Favorites
  • Mozart Favorites
  • Christmas Carol Arrangements

The pieces in these books are arrangements for a vast range of skill levels – with many appropriate for AMEB grades 4-7, there are a handful of pieces that would suit levels outside that bracket.

Baroque Era Favorites

This book contains a Bach trifecta – including Carl’s Solfegietto in C minor (always a favourite under the fingers). Handel and Scarlatti are pretty prominent in here, alongside a handful of French and English Baroque pieces.

Classical Era Favorites

If Oprah Winfrey was giving out Sonatina’s, then this book must have been sitting in the audience that afternoon. Featuring such pieces by Beethoven, Clementi, Diabelli, Dussek and Kuhlau – this provides a great opportunity for exploration of how various composers approached this form. Alongside these is a great collection of other favourites one might expect in such a collection, with a healthy dose of Mozart at the end.

Romantic Era Favorites

There are so many pieces in this collection that it’s practically bursting at the seams. As expected, there are a great number of selections from the Albums for the Young by Schumann and Tchaikovsky. Complimenting this is a wide variety of other works, including some of the popular Burgmüller Op.100 studies, To a Wild Rose and a delightful selection of the easiest pieces by Chopin, Brahms, Mendelssohn and Schubert.

French Favorites

From the expressive melodies of Fauré’s “Pavane” to the lively rhythms of Ravel’s “Boléro,” the French Favorites volume offers a diverse range of pieces that will challenge and inspire any pianist.

The book has a few pieces suitable for students in the preliminary to Grade 3 range and could also be used for sight reading practise. The book contains a diverse selection of pieces from notable French composers such as Debussy, Satie, Farrenc, Faure, and Ravel. It can be a valuable resource for older students who have not previously been exposed to the delicate and artful style of French composers, allowing them to explore this genre of music before progressing to more advanced works.

It’s really such a joy seeing these pieces laid out with so little clutter and so much room for annotations in the border. The Beethoven favourites, contains a bag of Bagatelle’s from Op. 33. and Op. 119 along with a nice selection of German Dance and Landler pieces. Many of these are ideal for Grade 4-5 examinations which some far more difficult Sonatas towards the back of the book. And yes of course, the collection opens with Bagatelle in A minor – “Fur Elise”.

This volume is divided into three sections: Inventions, Selected Short Movements (Sarabande’s, Gavotte’s, Minuet’s etc) and Selected Preludes. The pieces in here mostly sit around the AMEB Grade 5 – 7 levels. This is definitely on the the thicker side when it comes to the books in this collection, which makes one especially appreciative of the coil binding. Again, the engraving of these pieces is so spacious and non-confronting, with plenty of room for annotations.

This collection is exploding with beautiful engravings of a huge range of Mozart favourites. Often student can intimidated by these works when crammed books with much tighter layouts. Even the most difficult of pieces look far more approachable when presented in this manner.

A beautiful collection of gorgeous Christmas arrangements. Delightfully arranged for around a Grade 4/5 level, these are guaranteed to be crowd pleasers. This book is perfect for student asked to play background music for a Christmas function/mall gig. Over 20 charts all coil bound and ready to play.

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