Series Focus: Adult Piano Adventures

Why Adult Piano Adventures?

There’s so many methods on the market, what makes Faber Adult Piano Adventures so special? Well for starters it comes with a bucket load of online support via the means of instructional videos and recordings, plus there’s a great range of supplementary books to explore. But to break it down clearly, let’s do this in dot points:

1. Awesome song choices
Nothing makes adult learners happier than when they can learn to play familiar pieces. “party pieces” if you will. In the first book you’ll find Happy Birthday (the number on most requested song for every piano player), When the Saints Go Marching In, Old Irish Blessing, The Entertainer, Amazing Grace and a stack of classical standards. Book two has some gorgeous Negro-Spirituals, O Sole Mio! and a swag of other classical favourites.

2. It’s a chunky book
There’s something so ‘adult’ about a chunky, spiral-bound piano book. The first book alone is 188 pages. Plus because it’s spiral bound, it will always stay open on the stand. What’s not to love?

3. QR Codes abound
If you’re stuck on a piece, there’a QR code that takes you to a demonstration video for every piece. Perfect for those moments when you find yourself screaming “But how!??”.

4. Lots of movement, lots of pedal
Young and old, every student loves putting down the pedal. Faber Adult Piano Adventures doesn’t shy away from pedalling, providing lots of pretty moments in pieces. The other awesome feature of this series is that is gets you out of your ‘comfort zone’ pretty quickly, encouraging players to explore the keyboard and get used to moving around. This is a great way to fast-track confidence on the keys.

5. Music Theory
Music theory is made easy with this series, with each group of pieces centering around a certain key or chordal structure. This series gives you the opportunity to read notated music and chords – ideal for someone who wants to read lead sheets of chord charts for fun or especially for church playing. The language is all very accessible and not intimidating at all.

6. Supplemental materials
The supplementary repertoire available for this series is fantastic. Each level has an accompanying Classics, Popular and Christmas series. The Christmas books in particular have always been a favourite around the end of the year – with a great range of carols and songs that students can play for their family and friends.

Very excitingly, Faber just released a DISNEY Adult Piano Adventures. Who wouldn’t want to play some Under the Sea or Circle of Life when they’re starting out? There’s a full review of that book here.

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