New and Reviewed – September Edition

Praise and Worship for Classical Piano. 15 Beautiful
arr. Phillip Keveren

These works are masterfully written arrangements, valuable as standalone concert items or worthwhile, enjoyable studies. Lord, I Lift Your Name On High is a real highlight that many high school students would be familiar with, and provides the opportunity to gently introduce the study of arpeggios.

A diverse range of pianistic skill is required to master these works.  There would be entry points for students around Grade 2-3 AMEB, but it would be more comfortable for players with experience playing dense chords spanning an octave, as seen in Majesty, rippling semiquaver passages and proficient at regular changes of key. This collection is a must have for anyone that may be required to provide reflective or place-sensitive music for Church Schools or Congregations.

Sondheim for piano solo: 16 iconic songs
arr. Phillip Keveren

It is so exciting that Keveren has leant his artistry to the works of Stephen Sondheim! This is fantastic news for musical theatre lovers who now have some of the big hits accessible for players from around Grade 4/5 AMEB standard.  The works are presented in an authentic manner that pays respect to the original lyrics and meaning of the songs.

There’s something for everyone in this collection; for the Josh Groban fans –  Children Will Listen, if you get a thrill out of the Demon Barber of Fleet Street you’ll find Sweeny is well represented with the inclusion of Johanna, Pretty Women and Sunday in the Park with George. And for those, like me, that just love a bit of good ol’ fashioned theatre music, well, you will find it hard to pick a favourite!

Although considerably simplified from the notoriously complex original version these arrangements are not without their challenges; including polyrhythms, demi-semiquavers and plenty of running semiquaver passages.  These arrangements would be the ideal book to have in your swag if you’re ever providing light entertainment and for all lovers of Twentieth Century Musical Theatre.

Piano Standards: 20 Jazz Gems from the Early 20th Century
arr. Phillip Keveren

Phillip Keveren’s talent and flair for creating arrangements shine, are apparent again in these beautiful Jazz Gems. Keveren has made these arrangements available on Spotify, as well as much, much more.  The timeless lament What’ll I Do? is a real highlight here, with this sensitive arrangement.

The use of this collection is a lovely way for newcomers to the genre to become familiar with the jazz standards or for those much more familiar to perhaps blow the dust off the records and walk down memory lane.  Exam students from around Grade 5 could find a delicious diversion from list works here, providing plenty of scope for discussion around jazz techniques, modes, tonal centres and rhythmic patterns fundamental to this genre.  This carefully selected compilation of gems is sure to delight anyone with an interest in the 20th Century jazz repertoire.

Thérèse Wahl

Thérèse Wahl runs a bustling home studio in Launceston, Tasmania. 

She believes in making music a natural and integral part of homelife where every member of the family is involved, learning from and inspiring each other. Thérèse is a music theatre enthusiast due to the way it brings many art forms together into one enjoyable, delicious bundle.

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