New and Reviewed – February Edition.

Uplifting & inspiring songs for kids

From Over the rainbow in 1939 to Lead the way in 2021, these songs are an eclectic mix of film and
contemporary hits. This book would suit students from 2 nd to 4 th grade AMEB standard. However,
there are a few songs which could be introduced to an advanced 1 st grade student as a stretch piece.
The sheet music has been printed in large print which makes for easier note reading. Chords, mostly
regular tonic chords with some sevenths are printed above each bar. This makes it easier to modify
the harmony based on the students’ hand size.
In terms of rhythmic variation, there is a combination of quaver and semiquaver rhythms,
syncopation, and surprisingly a few pieces are in 6/8 time. Some of these songs have key changes
and use accidentals which will keep students on their toes.

Piano solos from Encanto, Frozen II, and Coco

This book would suit young Pixar film lovers at around 4 th grade AMEB standard. The solos have been
superbly arranged in a pianistic style and will appeal to many. Students learn to play in simple and
compound time signatures including 6/8, 6/4 and 12/8. Although printed on a larger staff, there are
no chord markings, but plenty of musical terms which provide performance directions for students
to interpret.
The solos are suitable for older children with a bigger handspan and strength to play a range of
chords in root position and sevenths in inversion. The book progresses from simple rhythms to
syncopation using ties, triplets, and complex semiquaver rhythms. A unique challenge for students is
to learn how to maintain a vamp or groove. Students will need to pay more attention to accidentals
and modulations within the solos.

Epic movie adventures for easy piano

This collection of film music contains a wide selection of pieces, ranging from 1st to 4th grade AMEB
standard. Both teachers and parents will recognise these old classics and be filled with nostalgia. For the newer pieces, these are sure to become well-loved modern classics in the future. The wide variety of styles and genres makes this a great option to supplement your students’ repertoire. The sheet music is in big print which makes it easy to read and the dynamic markings are clear.

The start of the book uses mostly straight quaver rhythms, and then gradually transitions to syncopated semiquaver rhythms. Some arrangements call for octave playing which will suit older children or adult students with sizeable hands. Time signature changes and contemporary contrapuntal styles will challenge students. Lastly, there are plenty of accidentals and key signature changes which lend themselves to an ambiguous tonality that is pleasing to the ears.

Ashley is a piano teacher and healthcare storyteller from Sydney. She is passionate about collecting
musical stories, using them to make her lessons memorable, and as a simple way for parents to
create a music-filled home environment. Her special interest is in performing arts healthcare and
teaching injury-preventative piano technique.


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