Coming soon… I Want To Play That!

Three new titles edited by Carly McDonald and Thembi Harris

“Magical, quirky and classic pieces that keep students happier for longer”

“I want to play that!” is the enthusiastic response we like to hear from our students when selecting new repertoire! This series is exactly that — an engaging collection of pieces that will keep students happier for longer.

From pieces students hear played at recitals that instantly become a studio-wide hit, to pieces that we fondly look back to later in our musical life, like an old friend. This collection draws together a graded collection of pieces to expand your students’ skills and musicality at each level.

With a range of engaging musical soundscapes, these books encourage a repertoire-rich approach to learning in order to develop students’ foundational skills in rhythm, reading notation, creativity, theory, musicality and understanding of style.

We have chosen our favourite pieces and student “wow-ers” and put them together in a collection to knock your students’ socks off!

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