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River Flows In You And Other Eloquent Songs For Solo Piano

When you find ‘that compilation book’, it quickly becomes a favourite. This is one of those books. Since receiving this book to review, I’ve played the pieces many times in my ‘alone time’ & have ordered the book for a few of my more advanced intermediate students to learn from. The students who are adoring it so far are the early teen girls, although I think that generally this book is perfect to inspire adolescents or those ‘special’ students who love to ‘experience & explore sound’. As I write this review I’ve just remembered to message the mum of one of my ‘special students’ to recommend this book as a Christmas gift.

The pieces begin at roughly the level of AMEB Grade 3-4 although some of the pieces have been just the ‘carrot’ needed to inspire my Grade 2 ladies to work a little harder. In fact I have three young ladies who have responded to this ‘carrot’ so far! Favourites so far are ‘River Flows in You’ by Yiruma, ‘Bella’s Lullaby’ from the movie Twilight, ‘Glasgow Love Theme’ from the movie Love Actually, ‘Il Postino’ Theme, ‘Jessica’s Theme’ from The Man From Snowy River, and ‘Watermark’ by Enya. On my list of ‘pieces I want to learn on the holidays’ is also ‘Neverland – Piano Variations in Blue’.

This book is perfectly suited for the AMEB Piano for Leisure Syllabus. All of the pieces could easily be used as ‘own choice pieces’ from about Grade 3 upwards. It’s also a great book for the tired piano teacher at the end of the year who just needs to relax & unwind with a glass of champagne, the piano and a silent studio.


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